January 2023 OpenSesame Plus Publishers

September 2022 OpenSesame Plus Publishers

We are pleased to introduce our newest OpenSesame Plus publishers joining our elearning marketplace: SoundView, Kineo, The Security Company! With their courses, teams can gain more knowledge on work related topics with 20 minute audio book summaries from SoundView. Turn workplace workplace challenges into success in critical areas around safety, compliance, and industry-specific topics with courses by Kineo. Keep your confidential data safe through security awareness training offered by The Security Company. 

Make the most out of limited time

SoundView courses are designed to save you time by concisely providing key points from business books in 20 minutes or less through narrated audio summaries. As an added bonus, each course includes a 3-to-8-page downloadable PDF containing a summary of the book along with key takeaways that can be easily referenced later when needed. SoundView makes it easier than ever to expand your knowledge and grow as a professional. 

Mega Ysassi, Curation Specialist, OpenSesame

Explore books that have become staples in professional development: The First 90 Days, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Leadership Challenge, Crucial Conversations, and more.

Tackle workplace training and compliance with ease

Kineo helps you meet workplace compliance demands head-on with modern, innovative learning experiences that will engage learners with animation, audio narration, post-assessment quizzes, and inline activities with subject matter experts who are well acquainted in local legislation and industry standards.

Amanda Sessions, Enterprise Curator, OpenSesame

Improve employee safety by exploring Kineo’s most popular courses Bullying and Harassment, General Evacuation Training , and Fire Awareness and Extinguisher Training.

Strengthen employee cybersecurity knowledge 

The Security Company offers short, interactive training modules ranging from 5 to 10 minutes on topics on cybersecurity and data protection. Each module provides clear objectives and real-life situations, giving employees the tools they need to safeguard their organization’s reputation and information.  At the end of each course, there is a 5-question quiz designed to assess the learner’s understanding of the key points covered in the lesson.

Paige Kracke, Senior Manager of Curation, OpenSesame

Uncover the tools you need to keep your data safe and secure with these popular courses: Protect personal and company information , Identify risks and threats and Work securely wherever I am.

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