Full Form of PFA

Full Form of PFA

What is the Full Form of PFA?

These days, people are willing to call the reader’s attention to making the content simple yet professional, enclosed within an email. The aim of a formal email must be to communicate in a straightforward, conversational manner. Let’s learn more about the everyday professional code ‘PFA.’

The full form of the term PFA is ‘Please find attached.’ It is an alert to bring the reader’s attention to an electronic file or document attached to the email. This helpful phrase while drafting mail can be translated as ‘Please see attached.’ Words like ‘refer’ or ‘check’ may also be used as a synonym to ‘find.’

Writing an email with an attachment

  1. Determine the files to be sent

Before composing the email, determine the name and location of the file on the device. It is to quickly and easily locate and attach the files before sending the email. The most recommended file format is PDF and for images is JPEG and PNG.

  1. Choose the subject line

The next step is writing the appropriate subject line of the email. Usually, many recipients only pay attention to emails with attachments if they know what the attached files are. The email’s subject line should reflect the number of attached files and provide information regarding their context and topic.

  1. Start drafting the body of the email

If the email includes only attachments to be shared, the body of the email can be a simple brief description of the attached files. If the attached file is just a part of the whole message, the topic of the attachment must be mentioned as a short-sentence summary to clarify. However, sending an extension without text is not suggested since the recipient may assume it to be spam.

  1. Attach the files to be sent

The next step is to attach the necessary files. Since people often need to remember to attach the files before sending the email, securing them before starting to write is preferred. Attach files by dragging them into the body of the email, or click on the “Attach files” option at the bottom of the compose window, select the files to be uploaded and click “Open.”

  1. Review thoroughly, edit and send

Once the subject line and body of the email are written, and the files are attached, consider reviewing the email quickly. If any correction or editing is needed, do it since this is the final step, and no changes are left afterward. After checking the email thoroughly and correcting any mistakes, send the email to the recipient.

Is it grammatically correct to say, ‘Please Find Attached’?

Technically, there is nothing incorrect about mentioning the phrase ‘Please find the attached document.’ However, the term ‘find’ can sometimes be misinterpreted as concluding a search. Also, it can be misused to acknowledge or discover something is present. To help the recipient learn the attached document, simply mentioning ‘please find’ works will be enough.

Using PFA in emails

The expression – ‘Please find attached’ is used to inform and alert the reader that compiled data has a document in the email. The data can be present in audio, pictorial, text, graph, chart, video, or hyperlink, enabling the reader to trace the virtual location easily.

The sender mentions ‘please find attached’ to notify the recipient to look for the individual files. It is because some files are hard to find, especially after exchanging emails from an outdated browser or other technical issues.

The need to use an alternative to PFA

Since “please find attached” occurs massively and repeatedly in emails, it can also seem like a dull and outdated expression or remark. Using the roundabout expression often makes us realize the urge to develop something new. Hence, there is a need to formulate a go-to vocabulary bank and abandon this monotonous expression.

Moreover, ‘Please find attached’ is a wordy, stuffy, and old-fashioned jargon. It is a redundant term since the recipient will find the attachment by scrolling. Also, on mentioning, please see the attached. It is a small request. Instead, it is a set phrase in an imperative form that does a rare job.

What are the alternatives to ‘please find attached’?

The easiest way to avoid this phrase is by using plain language and dropping the idea of using professional terminology. Check out the below-mentioned alternatives:

  • I have attached the file.
  • The required file is enclosed with this email.
  • Kindly see/ refer to the attached file for more detail.

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