Essay on Environment Day

Essay on Environment Day

Environment Day

The origins of Environment day go back to the 1970s. People began recognizing the dire state of our planet’s conditions in 1970 and working to protect it. This day was initially on April 22, 1970, when millions of individuals engaged. People flocked to the streets to demand that the government take action to safeguard the environment. Individuals from all spheres of life converged to support Mother Earth. They show reverence for mother nature while also drawing attention to environmental issues.


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On June 5, the world observes World Environment Day every year. The United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) launched the project in 1973. A new theme takes birth to the celebration each year. Every country in the globe is free to host the event. Sweden hosted the event this year with the theme “only one earth.” The UNEP launched the effort to raise awareness among global people about the need to protect the earth from deterioration caused by human activity. It also seeks to promote the employment of sustainable solutions in the growth and management of natural resources.


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How does United Nations Celebrate World Environmental Day?

Each country celebrates the environment in its unique manner. Some increase the number of actions necessary to safeguard the environment, while others invest in greener technology.

The United Nations establishes goals to overcome and address global concerns every decade. Global warming and climate change are evident concerns in the contemporary period, resulting in the UN charter officially designating this decade’s goals as “sustainable development goals.”

As the name implies, these objectives aim to coordinate developmental and conservation operations to conserve the environment and reduce the natural resource impact. World Environment Day encourages countries and citizens to cooperate toward achieving goals and resolving environmental concerns. However, the United Nations ecological program provides a fixed routine to be in the eyes of many to mark the day, notably in schools.

Teachers can organize forest trails and programs to bring kids nearer to the environment. They are to establish trees that will survive for many years. Pupils are also taught several techniques for planting and caring for trees. It is essential to educate everyone about how to rescue the world.

Quizzes, elections, and other innovative games are also included in the activities to make the children’s struggle for environmental protection more attractive. Students also get the opportunity to interact with notable people and conservationists to learn about their work and contribute knowledge.

What are measures taken by India?

India is likewise working hard to reach the Paris accord targets and make the necessary improvements to its environmental policy. Our government’s environmental agency has expanded its efforts to save the oceans, woods, and snow-capped mountains as part of a comprehensive action plan. India likewise invests heavily in the electric motor business and imposes stringent regulations to achieve carbon neutrality.

Environment day starts with every one of us. When asked what action we should take to safeguard our world, the response is simple: support and participate in encouraging environmentally sensitive behavior. It might be as basic as turning off a bulb while not in use or as complex as turning off the water when brushing one’s teeth to save water waste.

There is no hard lifting necessary. Conserve the environment, reduce your use of plastic, and save energy. Simple habits of reducing waste and caring for the environment, whether at home, in your neighborhood, in your garden, in the forest, or at the sea when you are on holiday, would significantly save our environment.

Final Thoughts

We must take action to conserve these resources if we wish to breathe better air and drink safe water and farmland. People have learned that our earth is in peril and that if we do not take decisive actions, there will soon be no space for us to exist.

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