Essay on Computer

Essay on Computer


Can you think of an object that has profoundly touched many aspects of our lives and brought about a revolution across the globe even while undergoing innumerable transformations? Yes, you guessed right! The answer is the computer.

A computer consists of three essential parts – keyboard, CPU, and monitor- which perform the three most important functions – input, processing, and output. There are other parts, like the mouse, printer, scanner, and USB drive, based on the utility factor. Let’s find out find more significance in this article, Essay on Computer.


Computer’s history can trace back to the Abacus, a calculating tool of ancient times, which eventually gave way to the development of the computer. The very first mechanical computer was developed in the 1820s by Charles Baggage, credited as the Father of the “Modern Computer.”” Later, in the 1930s, the first electronic computer was invented by Vannevar Bush in the United States.

The first programmable digital computer introduces in 1944 following a partnership between IBM and Harvard, which marked a revolutionizing era in the field of computers. Subsequently, many generations of computers followed, undergoing many significant changes.


Based on different criteria like design, size, and utility, there are different types of computers as below:

  • Super Computer: Considered to be a class of powerful computers, Supercomputer ensures a faster and higher level of performance compared to an ordinary computer.
  • Mainframe Computer: These computers possess vast processing power and memory and are used in massive organizations.
  • Personal Computer: As the name suggests, Personal Computers are used by individuals only. They are generally small in size and not costly.
  • Laptops: Also a type of Personal Computer, a Laptop is much lighter, more flexible, and occupies lesser space.
  • Smartphone: In a way, smartphones are also computing devices though they are much smaller and handy. They perform most of the functions carried out by a computer.


Computers are used in almost every field associated with humans today and have made our life easier and hassle-free.

Below are some of the areas where computers involvement the most:

  • Education: Computers have revolutionized the field of education like never before. They have made the process of teaching and learning much more relaxed with the use of power-point presentations, videos, and info graphs while conducting the class.
  • Medicine: Computers have entered many areas of medicine, like medical imaging, decision-making, data collection, laboratories, computer-aided therapies, etc. They are also proving to be extremely helpful in doing research and development in the field of medicine.
  • Offices and Industries: Today, we can only imagine an office or industry with computers. They have replaced piles of files and immense machines, thus changing how offices and industries operate.
  • Defense: Computers are being increasingly used effectively in Defence. They are being used to control and detect missiles, control access to atomic bombs, train soldiers for combat situations, and sort intelligence data.
  • Agriculture: The use of computers in the agriculture sector widely increases. Critical software help in predicting weather conditions and estimating crop production have evolved. Computer technologies have helped reduce farmers farmer’s efforts and increase their profits. Computers have also helped farmers communicate with experts to garner knowledge about helpful methods and technologies related to agriculture.

Essay on Computer

Thus, we saw an essay on computer, it is a fantastic device born out of the human mind to help humanity. Though it is also used for destructive purposes by specific repulsive forces, the answer to thwarting such attempts also lies in your computer. You need to apply your mind and make the correct clicks!

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